ohhh Valentine’s Day! Does anyone else remember the cute little mailboxes you would get during elementary school filled with cartoon or Disney Channel valentines? Those were the days! Then there were the awkward stages of valentines, namely Jr. High and High school. Either you got nothing or some cryptic note from a “secret admirer.” At least that is how it was for me! I was never one of those girls that spent the day eating chocolate or carrying around a stuffed animal.

Then you get older and find out what Valentine’s Day is really all about, A CELEBRATION OF LOVE! All kinds of love. Love between friends. Love between family. And love between that one special person. Plus who doesn’t like an excuse to eat chocolate and conversation hearts!

Last night Ky and I were reflecting about last Valentine’s vs this Valentine’s. It is amazing how much has changed! Last year we were just a couple of kids dating and crazy in love. He came over to my apartment and we made dinner and kissed…a lot! This year we are still a couple of kids crazy in love with an added little bonus (baby G!) We celebrated a day early by taking pictures, going to dinner and watching a really lame movie haha!

This year Valentine’s Day didn’t feel like much of a holiday, mostly because everyday feels like a celebration our love for one another. It is the little acts of service or small sweet surprises like flowers or candy. It is the adventures we go on together, whether that be across state lines or across grocery aisles. It is the loving words written on the bathroom mirror or whispered late at night. When everyday is a celebration of love, Valentine’s Day becomes more of a reflection of how that love has grown!

Of course love isn’t perfect and neither are we but that’s what’s so important about choosing to celebrate love everyday. I know that it is the times when Ky and I aren’t seeing eye to eye on something or it’s just a crazy stressful week that our love is tested and, if we choose, ultimately strengthened. If everything was perfect all the time, we would never have to lean on one another. Trust and love go hand and hand.

I love the Facebook post from LDS apostle, Jeffery R. Holland, regarding his wife, “I may not know everything about her, but I know 54 years’ worth, and she knows that much of me. I know her likes and dislikes, and she knows mine. I know her tastes and interests, hopes and dreams, and she knows mine. The result is that I know much more clearly now how to help her, and, if I let myself, I know exactly what will hurt her. In the honesty of our love—love that can’t truly be Christlike without such total devotion—surely God will hold me accountable for any pain I cause her by intentionally exploiting or hurting her when she has been so trusting of me.”

Hearing the way he talks about the love between him and his wife makes me so SO excited to reach 54 years with my love! Love really is what you go through together! Including alll the ups and downs and the trust built and kept along the way! I can’t wait to reflect on how our love has grown next Valentine’s Day. What do you do to celebrate love through-out the year?


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